My Breed, Part One

Today I was excused from ranch duties and set free! Fortunately enough, it also was the full day of the Montana English Shepherd Gathering in Red Lodge, Montana. ┬áThat’s only three hours away! I didn’t quite get as early a … Continue reading

Varmint Gitters

When I first investigated English Shepherds, one of the “side benefits” was the tendency of these dogs to “dispatch vermin” according to the breed standard. When you’ve had dogs give rabbits, deer, raccoons, skunks, mice, moles, and voles free rein … Continue reading


Bravery comes in many forms. Bravery comes when the opponent is your own body… Bravery comes when the cost, whether win or lose, is the lifestyle you’ve chosen… Bravery comes when you make the right choice for someone you love … Continue reading

My Taste in Dogs

My taste in dogs doesn’t refer to dogs as menu items… but rather what appeals to me. Well, duh… English Shepherds have the personality I want. Mine are mild mannered, laid back, intelligent, Loyal (with the capital L), and great … Continue reading

The Zone on Video

Remember the Zone? Well, I captured it on video yesterday morning… So if you’re up for 4 minutes of puppy squirming, squeaking, grunting, and nursing… you’re one happy puppy. Or eleven. Please notice… Big Sister Dally is allowed to be … Continue reading