#TBT: Sudden Tears

I’m watching old home movies lately for kicks and giggles. I started looking for a video of my mom playing jacks… but just kept on watching. It’s awfully fun to compare my grandkids to their parents “back in the day.” … Continue reading

Miss Her

Oh, how I still miss her. She could whistle like a song bird and make any chore fun. She was great at playing jacks, and she could grow a great garden. She led by example, with grace and faith. Her … Continue reading

#TBT: Burton Girls

Looking back even farther than last week… I must have been in college!? Unbelievably, in a week, my mom will have been gone for nine years… but she made me laugh the other day! I can still hear her voice! … Continue reading


When eight grandchildren, three or so dogs, and nine adults come to visit… my mudroom quickly becomes chaos. When I took this photo, I honestly didn’t notice the Coors Light box in the center of the room… and maybe that … Continue reading


Eight kids and gingerbread houses plus frosting plus candy. Good thing there’s just enough snow outside to sled on! … Continue reading