Science Your World

I’m back from our library convention… But before I launch into that… I just have to share the exciting news that Victoria was honored to be chosen as the STEM Secondary Educator of the Year for Wyoming!!  (STEM stands for … Continue reading

Pretty Girls in Pretty Country

I was privileged to take Lacee’s four year old pics today… and Reagan’s six month ones as well. It was very difficult to choose my favorites! … Continue reading

#TBT: Still Branding

A Throwback Thursday post that’s a little mixed up. Here’s Johnny roping and dragging a calf during a branding in July of 1961… And here’s Johnny at our branding in June of 2018… with grandsons holding the calf and granddaughter … Continue reading

#TBT: May Snow

I recently received some old family photos… and scrolling through them on my computer, it was hard to choose which to share first. I finally decided on this series of three pics taken May 4, 1929.  Now we’re just rolling … Continue reading


We had to have Daniel’s birthday party to kick off AI Season, Gathering Season, and Prep-for-Branding Season! There’s not a lot of down time from here on out… And … it is Daniel’s 30th birthday … Everyone had to help … Continue reading