#TBT: Six

Happy sixth birthday to Quinlan!!!  It’s flown by so fast… and you’ve brought so much joy to all of us in these past six years! … Continue reading


PO.  LAR.  IS. Polaris.  What’s its other name? This was our focus last night about this time as the four oldest grandsons and I snuggled into our sleeping bags atop the trampoline.  The air was brisk, enough that protruding limbs … Continue reading


Yes, the plan was to share photos of the mountain with you, but, once again, cuteness wins out. I had a helper with that grape jelly today… and he can now accurately recount what it takes to make grape jelly. … Continue reading


While I was off gallivanting with other Wyoming librarians… my family was still working on the ranch… moving cattle this time! It was another exposure for the little boys to help ride and work. I think they loved it! (and … Continue reading