Father’s Day – Good and Bad

The day started with news that Vernon’s Uncle J. had passed away. ┬áHe was a nice man and will be missed. The weather today was gorgeous again. I felt better after a bad night with a splitting headache, barking dogs, … Continue reading

A Story from Wyoma

I introduced you to Wyoma yesterday. I thought I’d share her story of coming to Ten Sleep and meeting her husband first. She was a cracker! See if you can get a feel for her character in this story… all … Continue reading


My father-in-law’s great aunt used to live here. Her name was Wyoma. She was 4′ 7″ or somewhere in there. She was feisty. She was NOT politically correct. She was blunt. She had stories… oh, my! her stories… She wrote … Continue reading

The Continuing Travels of Cousin Robb 2

To complete Cousin Robb’s email from yesterday… Here it is. Some experiences are impossible to understand, much less mistake for mundane. For me, these usually have to do with just another example of the inhumanity of humanity: The hundreds of … Continue reading

The Continuing Travels of Cousin Robb

For those of you that have followed me for a while, you know I share my Cousin Robb’s worldwide adventures. Cousin Robb is a workaholic who saves his money and then quits his job to go travel the world… usually … Continue reading