The Whisper of Hay Dust

Hay dust filters through the sunlight, drifting in lazy circles until it settles back on wooden edges. Ancient grain, a pile of manure (well-aged), mice scent, and dried out leather add to the ambience as I wonder at the memories … Continue reading

Remembering in the Quiet

Wow! Here I’ve been sitting on this story because I thought it would only be of interest to my family… and boy, was I wrong!  I’m glad so many of you thought it was touching and fun listening to that … Continue reading

Good Friends Test

My apologies for missing a post yesterday, that’s the first time since… gee… I can’t remember. Seems like I’m here everyday! I had a full day, and arrived home at midnight. Midnight is not a good time to create a … Continue reading

The Hands of Greet Ranch

The skin may be covered in oil and grease. The fingernails may be full of grit and goo. A splinter or a barbwire cut is usually evident. The fingers may curve in atypical directions… blame it on football or machinery … Continue reading

Four Minutes of My Day

I’ve had my shower, removed some trail dust, and I’m currently sipping on some of the *finest wine*.  OK.  Charles Shaw.  From Trader Joe’s. <It was reported that my previous link had malware attached to it.  So sorry.  Please don’t let … Continue reading