Feeding Two Video

I started this last time with the Feeding One Video… how to load your hay trailer! Now it’s on to pitching that hay to the cows. Johnny’s driving, and I’m riding on the trailer. With a bit of a breeze … Continue reading

Feeding One Video

I’m keeping my fingers crossed that Vimeo gets my Feeding One video ready to go before I have to go “home” tonight.  I got a late start editing and it really is probably too long for most of you to … Continue reading

What I Have To Work With…

WWWWWOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWOOOOOO. That’s my imitation of a fog horn… and boy! did we need one today! Fog set in and STAYED. All Day. All DAY! How weird is that? Wyoming’s not known for fog… moisture in the air just doesn’t happen … Continue reading

First Night

Well, it happened finally. We spent our first night at the Mills Place.  I need to rename it to something like the South Forty or Big Trails or some such name… but it will probably be the Mills Place for … Continue reading

A Fox Visits

When you get that feeling in the morning that perhaps you should drag your camera along… just in case.  Do it!  The thought crossed my mind this morning, but protecting it from hay and grain dust seemed too much to … Continue reading