And Then This

Small fire erupted this afternoon, most likely from a lightning strike yesterday or the day before.  My guys were right on it… and were joined by neighbors, Ten Sleep Fire, BLM, Worland Fire, and the Forest Service… plus a spotter … Continue reading

To the Rescue

We were at the edge of the storm… only a trace of moisture and wind gusts up to 41 mph.  Most of the storm went north… then we got the call from Daniel. “We’re on fire.” “Where?” Static.  Breakup. “… … Continue reading

Ten Sleep Fire Hall

When the fire hall in Ten Sleep burned down, many of us were simply shocked.  I had a very minor role in getting some of the grants it was built with… I still call the retired Fire Chief, “Boss”, even … Continue reading

Big Trails Dispatch

Unfortunately, I had the chance to be Big Trails Dispatch once again.  A small lightning storm blew through just after supper, with a few nice CRAAAAACKS on top of us.  When the phone rings about two minutes later… your first … Continue reading

Exciting Day

Wednesday I stayed home from work and watched Quinlan and Lorelei.  About 11:30, I had put Lorelei down for a nap and was playing with Quinlan when I noticed the smell of smoke.  Looking up, it was a *holy-cow-there’s-smoke* moment!  … Continue reading