What a Day

A very happy Mother’s Day to all my readers, those with their own kids, those that have stepped up to mother those kids that need it, and those who just simply love children for who they may become. I spent … Continue reading

Spring Work

The guys are busy plowing, discing, and fertilizing the fields… it’s magical how we instantaneously turn into farmers… Well, I have my farming to do as well! The garden is now clean and tilled… next I’ll see what compost/straw/manure I … Continue reading

Hugelkultur Video

2013.  Seriously.  It was 2013 when I found out about hugelkultur and decided I’d give it a shot!  Everyone wanted me to test drive it, and avoid the work themselves… well, five years later, I think it’s a success… and … Continue reading

That Works

I’ve noticed bright, colorful flower pots for sale… a rainbow of colors.  I’ve been tempted… might as well have some color in your flowerbeds before the flowers actually BLOOM. But you know me, I didn’t want to spend the $$$ … Continue reading