#TBT: Repost : A Good Day

I was scrolling through some old posts of mine… this one is from November 30, 2009!  I enjoyed it, thought you might as well… The crisp morning crept slowly out of the darkness.  Sparkling glitter cast by Jack Frost caught … Continue reading


Long day. We made it home by 6:30, though we did take a long lunch break at 3 pm.  That was particularly nice, since, well, first of all… lunch! and Cold Water.  I had definitely overheated.  But then, afternoon clouds … Continue reading

Mountain Snow

I was prepared. Flannel lined jeans.  Four layers (tshirt, flannel shirt, sweatshirt, Carhartt jacket).  Gloves, scarf. It wasn’t the snow, up on the mountain, it’s the Wind.  But actually, it was kinda nice!  If the wind died down or I … Continue reading

Steers Gathered

The day was long… saddled by 5 am, home at 2 pm.  The steers are gathered and will soon be sold. and that’s how it is in the Far Far West! … Continue reading

Wear Some Clothes Today, Eh?

“Wear some clothes today, eh?”  was the recommendation of my husband this morning.  Before  your imagination runs amok, it was his way of telling Victoria and I that it was cold outside and that warm clothing was the order of … Continue reading