We Can

How so many things affect us as we grow…  multiple friends, our communities, a world of activities… As life goes on, the multiple distractions are whittled down, baring those true friends, the support of your close circle around you, and … Continue reading

All Because of a Cookie

All because of a cookie. That was the first title that popped into my head for this post… because that’s what people think.  It’s all about the cookies. That’s what they write about… the cost of cookies… the division of … Continue reading

In Your Honor

We began our gather (muster/roundup) today. What we refer to as the “badlands” is not living up to its name this year.  The pasture is *gree-een*, with plenty of old feed from last year as well.  The Indian Paintbrush is … Continue reading

Fifteen Years Ago… and a few Days

I have to continue the story from the other day… the day A. and I spent dusting off our vintage memories… sharing them with her husband V. … (Their blog of this is at alivincedath.blogspot.com) because… because… dammit!… that Girl … Continue reading

Fifteen Years Ago…

Yesterday my friends arrived from New Zealand. A. and her husband, V. Now… as some of you may know… time sure flies by… A. and I worked together at a place once known as Girl Scout National Center West. It … Continue reading