A Little Cow Work

We prepped the heifers for calving season… Daniel, Brandon, and Tessia had it all well in hand. I was charged with making a replacement ear tag… and by the time I got back, there were only a few left to … Continue reading

So Long, Girls

Daniel pitched some hay for the heifers, and we jumped on four wheelers to bring them in from the surrounding fields.  These heifers will go the sale barn and hopefully find good homes somewhere else as replacements.  They didn’t make … Continue reading

About Missed It

I about missed it… After running to town one day and then the next day… having to get a heifer off the highway and back in the pasture where she belonged… I managed to *just* get to the corral to … Continue reading


Weight is important. A rancher’s paycheck is based on the weight of his cattle.  If he sells calves or steers or old open cows, the price bid is based on the weight and condition of the animal. We keep a … Continue reading

Deal With It

We bangs vaccinated our young little heifers today… Most of the work preparing for today, I have missed.  That was bringing them to the corral, sorting off any older heifers and cows, and weighing them.  Today I was late as … Continue reading