I Don’t Wanna…

Trying to clean and cook and accomplishing neither.  So I did what all good procrastinators do… I went and helped the guys with the heifers!  Besides, it had gone from grey and gloomy to a nice, sunshiny day… and I … Continue reading

Perfect Timing

The boys have been working on AI-ing our heifers.  Daniel has helped some neighbors with their heifers as well.  Today was our Big Day and I was called into help. I had spent the morning transplanting flowers but they wanted … Continue reading


Before we know it, Calving Season will have started.  You know how there’s the meme going around the internet… Be Calm and ______ (fill in the blank with your favorite activity)?  The sweatshirt that keeps getting posted on my Facebook … Continue reading

Not Tonight

My father-in-law recorded -31˚ last night.  We skated by with only -17˚.  Shows what living closer to the creek will do for you in winter!  As a result, we kept a closer eye on the heifers… they can go at … Continue reading

Bred Heifer Sale

We traveled to Riverton today to see our heifers sell.  These are the unfortunate ones that didn’t make the cut to be replacement heifers for whatever reason… they are expecting their calves too late, and a few were too small. … Continue reading