Who’s Your Daddy?

So Brandon spent most of his Sunday doing this. Yup.  Looking under a heifers tail… getting covered in blood and poo.  I gave him an extremely short break by doing about 8 heifers right before lunch…  I’m not near as … Continue reading


We’ve shipped some high quality bred heifers to Riverton, Wyoming.  These are the ones that didn’t meet our rules for being replacement heifers… but, my, there’s some nice looking heifers in the bunch! There’s also some aged cows… Consider this … Continue reading

Black Friday Deal

OK, heifers, here’s the deal today. Walk up that alley into the squeeze chute and receive a FREE TATTOO! Also upgrade to the larger, permanent Eartag 2.0, available in Shimmering Emerald or Glowing Amber! Be the first in the pasture … Continue reading


The plan was to gather the heifers.  Even with the 5 am start, I agreed to ride… about a half an hour later, I wised up!  The heifers have spent the past month grazing in a lower pasture.  A pasture … Continue reading


Ranch Course Herding Level II: Out of the corral. Down the rocks. By the granary. Through the gate. Across the field to the corral. Score! … Continue reading