All Hands on Deck

It was a full day… feeding Daniel’s baby bulls… (Note the vultures soaking up the morning sun in the cottonwood behind them) Weighing, pouring, and vaccinating the yearling heifers… We weigh them individually to chart their growth, and pour de-wormer … Continue reading

They Noticed

The guys worked our replacement heifers today.  We’ve decided to keep quite a few this year… Today’s the day they get their “grown-up” eartags, the ones they had until now simply matched their mothers… They get a matching number tattoo … Continue reading

Extra Effort

With all of the extra curricular activities… we’ve fallen behind on a few chores. One was the bleeding of our AI heifers, to see if the AI actually took. This has to be done within a certain time, because after … Continue reading

“Bloody hell, this is a sh***y job”

The job today was to gather and bleed our heifers. The morning was spent gathering them from their pasture and trailing them home.  We had a bit of difficulty there… we have a creek crossing that they just can’t hit. … Continue reading


Today, we bangs vaccinated our young heifer calves. You may have heard of brucellosis… a bacteria that causes cattle to spontaneously abort their calves. By law we have to vaccinate against this contagious disease.  Whether or not there is an … Continue reading