Twelfth Day

Twelve more days until our big celebration… Posters have been up in Ten Sleep for a week now… Postcards have been sent to friends, relatives, and business people… I’ve ordered plates…blue as the sky… I’ve ordered cups… brick red as … Continue reading

Wordless Wednesday – Lonely One Room Schoolhouse

One room schoolhouse from my father-in-law’s childhood sits under the red bluffs… lonely, waiting for children’s laughter just one more time… … Continue reading

Wyoma Story

From Wyoma’s book… Wyoma’s Life Stories. “When a woman marries a farmer she automatically becomes an instant hired man and she had better know how to do anything and everything or be on the look out as how to do … Continue reading

A Story from Wyoma

I introduced you to Wyoma yesterday. I thought I’d share her story of coming to Ten Sleep and meeting her husband first. She was a cracker! See if you can get a feel for her character in this story… all … Continue reading


My father-in-law’s great aunt used to live here. Her name was Wyoma. She was 4′ 7″ or somewhere in there. She was feisty. She was NOT politically correct. She was blunt. She had stories… oh, my! her stories… She wrote … Continue reading