Hugelkultur Video

2013.  Seriously.  It was 2013 when I found out about hugelkultur and decided I’d give it a shot!  Everyone wanted me to test drive it, and avoid the work themselves… well, five years later, I think it’s a success… and … Continue reading

My Project

Well, my little project started about a year ago, when I bought the landscape bricks on sale.  It was too late in the year for yard work and then all summer I’ve looked at the pile and kept thinking “someday”. … Continue reading

Sounds Like Work

If you see me tomorrow, and I’m walking a bit slow… it’s because I rototilled on my garden for a bit… then I rode my bike clear to the mailbox at the other place (roundtrip of six miles)… then I … Continue reading

Hugelkultur Zwei

Long ago… well, in May of 2013, I started building my hugelkultur bed.  It was a simple test and I didn’t get too carried away just because if it failed, I didn’t want too big of a mess to clean … Continue reading

Write That Down

First, I missed this question from Belle the other day for Q&A… Belle – When you brand your cattle, where do you put your brand?  Is it important what part of the calf – right leg, left leg?  When you … Continue reading