Tour de Wyoming

Tour de Wyoming.  It’s quite the deal if you’re a bicyclist! You can check them out on their website… or just keep reading. 350+ bicyclists come over the mountain from Buffalo.  Yes, OVER THE MOUNTAIN.  Bless their hearts.  They’ve got … Continue reading

Longmire Days – Day Three

Made my way over the ‘hill’ again to Durant (Buffalo), Wyoming and even home before midnight! Attended a talk with Craig Johnson and Robert Taylor at the new and improved Johnson County Library (just reopened a month ago and IT … Continue reading

Excellent Day

More photos from Independence Day… Yes, we had a “float wardrobe malfunction” and lost a book cover.  Oooooops.         We’re funny… or we think we’re funny! Craig finally got to meet Jalan Crossland.  Home town boy.  Talented … Continue reading