Jewelry Table

I set up a table at the Ten Sleep Brewery tonight… I did last week, and sold two pieces of jewelry.  Tonight, I sold none… but hey, I had an Indian Taco, so all is well! My display is evolving. … Continue reading

New Creations

Another rainy afternoon… so here’s my collection so far… … Continue reading

Mahogany Hills Pendant

For those of you called by the colors of the earth, this rectangular agate echoes the mahogany hills and dry prairie grasses of Wyoming.  Infused with seams of chocolate shadows, the stone reflects the land.  Wear this pendant and keep … Continue reading

Wire Woven Pendants

Whoops.  Forgot about those chick pics… let’s do the latest craft instead. I’ve been playing with copper wire. You’ve seen the heart before.  Now I’ve added two feathers to the collection.  The first one was two toned, and I didn’t … Continue reading