Kids’ Rodeo Complete

I need to finish up my kids’ rodeo pictures… So tonight, here are both of the highlights… You lucky readers, you! First, the shirt-tail button race. (First, please notice the frozen ears on this horse… or the lack of ears … Continue reading

Many Faces of Kids’ Rodeo

While I should be cleaning my house… I have company coming… I figured I better get this posted or it wouldn’t happen later! Kids’ Rodeo… synonymous with hottestdayinJuly/slowerthanmolasses/cuterthancute/whyinthe’elldowedothis? But boy! you end up with some cutie photos! Typical Grand Entry … Continue reading

Kids’ Rodeo

I did ambulance standby for the Ten Sleep Kids’ Rodeo today. I’ve helped off and on with this activity since my kids were little… read 15 years or so… I managed to acquire a few good photos… and a few … Continue reading