What A Night!

We spend sooooo much time preparing the library and food and crafting donations, that when we go home and collapse after it’s all over… we could still use a day of rest to recover!  I’m getting ahead of myself. We … Continue reading


I spent all day decorating the library… and I didn’t even come close to finishing!  The new addition and new decorations all left me with no plan… just a faint vision of snowflakes and icicles. I will take pics when … Continue reading

Libraries Rock

We look forward to our Wyoming Library conference every year. This year included Debra Fox, “Finding Your Moxie”. Various sessions on a wide variety of topics… my favorite was the Escape Room/Break Out session.  You have to figure out clues … Continue reading

I’m So Excited

The list of “Things-You-May-Not-Know-About-Me” would probably begin with with the fact that I have a bachelor’s degree in anthropology.  I actually worked as an archaeologist way back in the Before Time… so, you can imagine how I get excited about … Continue reading


Not a surprising post from a part time librarian maybe. READ. We help people do it all the time! But those letters on the bottom of our New Books display? I did that! I bought some small book letters on … Continue reading