Me Money

Oooh. Yeah. Running to the chilly outside to glance at the lunar eclipse. No change yet… ugh.  HURRY UP! I should be in bed… because I’m working. Like in an office/8-5/dressclothing/curledhair/jewelry/makeup kind of working. One of the girls at the … Continue reading

Your Library

The library was packed again tonight for another fundraiser.  They really only have a few each year, but it seems like more because they are so close together. I haven’t made this Open House/Silent Auction Fundraiser lately because I’ve been … Continue reading

Panic and White Knuckles

I don’t know if I should title this entry, “Panic” or “White Knuckles”. After falling asleep while trying to watch the National Finals Rodeo… I awoke to a dog’s snuffling nose at my bedside. Grabbing ten more seconds of warmth, … Continue reading

It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like…

I managed to have a dream job of mine today… My Christmas Decorator license was used to its full extent! The wreath that I’ve been creating a few ornaments for, was finished by five volunteers today.  I did my wheat … Continue reading

We’re Set

I spent the morning trying to create some crafts. I’ve joined up with the Friends of the Ten Sleep Library for a fun little project. I did it years ago when I worked at the library… it’s called The Festival … Continue reading