Library Night

Monday night is our Open House/Silent Auction at the library.  I’ve been decorating… trying to make that silk purse out of old Christmas decorations/sow’s ear.  We have no budget for making things pretty… and so I tear into all of … Continue reading


Spent most of the day creating the Friends of the Library wreath for our local Festival of Trees this weekend.  It was cold and WINDY outside, so I was perfectly content to hang out, decorate, and keep an eye on … Continue reading

Tour de Wyoming

Tour de Wyoming.  It’s quite the deal if you’re a bicyclist! You can check them out on their website… or just keep reading. 350+ bicyclists come over the mountain from Buffalo.  Yes, OVER THE MOUNTAIN.  Bless their hearts.  They’ve got … Continue reading

Check Out a Library

Because a day that started with babysitting at 5:30 am and ended at 11 pm when the second batch of kids FINALLY fell asleep… Because tomorrow is a BIG DAY at the Kids’ Rodeo in Ten Sleep… Because tomorrow’s post … Continue reading

Silent Auction and a Story

Well, another year down for our Silent Auction/Open House. Attendance was hurt some from the large snowstorm that blew in… but support was still there. 103 items were up for bid. Craig Johnson was here as our Special Guest, reading … Continue reading