Longmire Days – Day One

The Sheriff … Continue reading


Another day of library work… nothing too special there. But today was the premiere of Season Four of my favorite television show on Netflix, and I just had to watch tonight!  If you’ve followed me very long, you know I’m … Continue reading

Questions and Answers: August 2015 Edition

Marilyn M: Is this normal to take your herd to the mountain this late in the year? We are going later for two reasons.  One, the most important, is because we have so much larkspur on our mountain pasture, we … Continue reading

Long Live Longmire – Quick Pics

Here’s part of the BBQ… wandering around were all the actors… working the crowd.  I’m sure they are all ready to tip over, it’s been a big three days for them, but they’re still gracious, signing autographs and taking 10 … Continue reading


Today was the last of Longmire Days and I did the practical thing of doing laundry and dishes and all that yucky, normal, un-fun stuff. Until 4:30. Then I flew up the mountain to the pig roast and concert with … Continue reading