Bullet journaling is a topic that I shared during my Journaling Class I gave at the library a while back…  basically it’s a great way to keep track of things like goal setting or habits. You can track just about … Continue reading

Squint and Back Away Slowly

I felt a little “off”… laid around for a little bit… discovered, thankfully, that it wasn’t the horrid flu that is consuming Ten Sleep at this time… but I took the “time off” to finish a new pastel. You know, … Continue reading

A Couple More

Here are a couple more of my crafts for the library’s Silent Auction Monday evening. This mug was given a watercolor effect using fingernail polish. This is a set of three melted crayon ornaments with bead highlights. Here’s a tiny … Continue reading

For Now

Been working on this one a while.  I’m not completely sure I’m finished, but… for now… … Continue reading

Moonset Pastel

  A few days ago, I posted this as a photo… This is my pastel version!  Yes, the moon is so much bigger, but that’s the way the eyes see it, while the camera doesn’t capture it the same way. … Continue reading