Rimrock English Shepherds

It reallyreally tried to rain here today, but the cloud sat on the far side of the ridge and when it finally made up its mind to continue farther east… it was out of juice.  It had enough lightning and … Continue reading

What About You?

Since I’ve put out the call for questions for this month’s Q&A… I’d like to ask for suggestions as well… What *haven’t* I covered in blog posts? (stay away from personal items, I won’s share that! ) (I still have … Continue reading

So Sad

Reb was supposed to leave today… so I took him out for a Last Walk in Wyoming… He dug in gopher mounds… Crossed cattleguards… Bravely navigated a creek crossing… And loved on his momma. His new owners were delayed by … Continue reading


Here’s my last photo of Tully… And one of the last of Chabot… Can you tell they’re really stressed out about going to their new homes??? Yeah.  NOT. Then… let’s go back to yesterday… and that tomato hornworm??? Bleh. This … Continue reading


So Tully was handed off this morning… and I enjoyed myself in Buffalo, Wyoming… and now I’m headed out for some Perseid watching… but I thought I’d share this! Look what disgusting critter has attacked my garden! YUK! (It’s a … Continue reading