The major difference with this litter and the one in 2007 is that without 6 or 8 inches of snow to keep them confined.. this litter is EVERYWHERE! They are all over my lawn (and pooping all over it too!) … Continue reading

Gotta Share Photos

I have to share some puppy photos… It is something I HAVE to do… I HAVE to share the cuteness! Elsa supervises feeding time, just to make sure everyone uses their manners. The colors (colours??) of English Shepherds… at least … Continue reading

From Big Sis to Li’l Momma

Three weeks ago, when the puppies were born, Dally was a confused soul. She wasn’t sure what happened, but she wanted to be part of it. It earned her some whippings from Elsa.  But Dally is a persistent gal and … Continue reading

Lil Bro’

The magic 3 week age has hit the litter… They are quickly working on their personalities… They “bark”. They “run”. They “growl”. They “sit”. They make me use lots of  “quotation marks”. If I can get an in focus shot… … Continue reading


Sometimes I get a little pressured. I’ve got company coming and a filthy house. I don’t know what’s for lunch and I have to feed people. I need to be naming puppies and writing my centennial stories and creating my … Continue reading