Honestly Puzzle

The guys were busy today bangs vaccinating our heifers.  I was at work at the library.  I honestly feel SO GUILTY on these days if I’m not home to help!  After years and years of doing the work, it just … Continue reading

Curious Kitten Puzzle

For tonight, a 90 piece puzzle of the new kitten. I’m still debating on whether it will be Rumson or Pardner… because I’m pretty sure it can’t be Mariah! Curious Kitten **** I found out today that our Friends of … Continue reading

Yucca Blossoms Puzzle

Had to do another one… they’re just a tad bit more fun than just a photo, don’t you think?  This is one of my favorites… I LOVE yucca blossoms!  Yucca blossoms in red hills with blue skies is divine.  If … Continue reading

Red Hills and Horses Puzzle

I ran across this on a friend’s facebook page… and found it fun, so I thought I’d just share! It is from Jigsaw Planet.  It is very simple, you sign up, upload a photo, and they turn it into a … Continue reading