Day Three

Well, of course there are other things I’ve done today… like defrosting my freezer, reorganizing, and repacking it with beef… and standard household chores… but I did get to spend some time on the table! The quote is from Plato… … Continue reading

Bovine Interruption

While I was going great guns on my table for a few days, it is April 15. While that may mean “tax day” to you… it means “turn out day” for us in one allotment. I volunteered to babysit… honestly, … Continue reading

Day Two

Far from done, but happy with today’s progress! … Continue reading

Day One

Design day one… It’s difficult to see, but I’ve sketched out some simple designs… each section has a book in it… after all, this table will return to the library. And then I start… … Continue reading


Starting a new project… this one is for the library… I will keep you updated on my progress… hopefully, that will encourage me to hurry up and keep working! This little table is getting reworked. First step is sanding. Luckily, … Continue reading