Here we were today… The guys had gathered our small bunch. The fifty seven cows are some of ours… some we lease. The plan was to wean these calves like we did with our big bunch a few weeks ago. … Continue reading

We Know Wapiti

Wapiti. Wapiti. Wapiti. Sounds like a flat tire, doesn’t it? Well, it isn’t. Wapiti are the reason ranchers have to fix a lot of fence around these parts. Wapiti are one of the reasons I want a telephoto lens for … Continue reading

Wordless Wednesday – Dreams Gone Cold

“Dreams gone cold.” … Continue reading

Signs That you May Be in Wyoming

Along with my zillion photos of the Tetons, Jackson, and Idaho that I shared with you last week… I took some photos of signs that you may not see in your daily commute. This one… along with a “snowmobiler”… “cattle … Continue reading


After the long day of riding last week… the weather turned on us… even colder and nastier than before. So… we flew to town to get building supplies for our various projects one day… Vernon took his “new” snowmobile up … Continue reading