You’re Invited

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P.’s Parable

P. participated in the Kids’ Rodeo last weekend. Though she doesn’t have a horse of her own, she has access to horses through relatives. It takes a little effort to prepare and ride in the rodeo… and P. did well. … Continue reading

Kids’ Rodeo Complete

I need to finish up my kids’ rodeo pictures… So tonight, here are both of the highlights… You lucky readers, you! First, the shirt-tail button race. (First, please notice the frozen ears on this horse… or the lack of ears … Continue reading

Wordless Wednesday – ‘Neath the Deep and Darkening Sky

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Mountain Trail

I need to put off my other Kids’ Rodeo pictures for a bit and share the ones from yesterday. My sister was official photographer… The focus (pun intended) of her pictures is a bit different from mine… First, she takes … Continue reading