Gardening Dogs

Do you know the old joke about the guy who wanted to be a turkey farmer???  He returned twice to the hatchery where he’d purchased his turkeys… each time saying all his turkeys had died.  The third time the hatchery … Continue reading

Puppy Video at 6 Weeks

This has taken WAY too much time… and I don’t like it… I thought I could remove the original sound and cover it with music… but somehow I couldn’t figure out how… so if you are an Imovie expert… please … Continue reading


I am working on a puppy video… but between having only a little tape, eleven puppies, and now, a dead battery… I’ve been slowed down. Sigh. I’ll get it tomorrow. But for now… here’s an insight into puppy disagreements and … Continue reading

Big Trails

I’ve been painting a fair amount up at the Mills Place… every room needs painted and I’ve only painted the kitchen… now most of the mud room… next will be the office. I take Lucas with me 99% of the … Continue reading

Low Light

I tried to get some photos of 5 bull elk in our field last night.  Their antlers have shed, of course, but, body-wise… they were big bulls. However, it was dark-thirty, and I’m very bad at taking pictures in low … Continue reading