Wordless Wednesday – “Patriotic Evening Primrose”

Evening Primrose in patriotic mode (red, white, blue) … Continue reading

Summer Dresses

Taken May 3, 2009. ┬áTaken May 19, 2009. While the cottonwoods are the last to don their summer dresses, the willows and boxelders have shown up early for the dance. ┬áThe Big Horn Mountains have released their temperamental moisture levels … Continue reading

Fashion Maven

Yup. That’s me. A fashion maven. My area of “expertise”… no, not expertise, uh… my area of interest lies in cowboy equipment. Like chinks. Dang. I used to be that skinny. Anyway. Chinks. From the Spanish word, chinkaderos. Short chaps. … Continue reading

Branded in Sepia

I can’t help myself… whenever it is branding time, I have to switch my camera over to sepia mode. J. and J. share a story as Victoria swings a loop. I could do it as an effect on my Iphoto … Continue reading