Finally, it is here and gone again. Friends have arrived to help and enjoy the “fun” of branding day. Old cedar fenceposts reappear sawed to length and split for the fires.  Boy, if you could only smell it… go stick … Continue reading


Preparations for branding tomorrow have hit their full stride. The shop is cleaned and ready for weary, hungry workers. The firewood is chopped ready for the branding fire. The pop is chilled and water jugs filled for thirsty cowboys. All … Continue reading

Oh, So Close to a Perfect Picture!

I was this close…  [   ] note the size… *this* close to taking the perfect picture yesterday. Well, maybe not technically or artistically for some people… I’m no Ansel Adams!  But when it comes to *MY* category of “working … Continue reading

Wordless Wednesday – “Heaven’s Above!”

Heaven’s Above! … Continue reading

All Day Long

If I thought the garden would get planted, the lawn mowed, the house cleaned, the dishes done, the laundry folded, the food cooked, this blog written… I would do this ALL DAY LONG. Follow these precious pups around and photograph … Continue reading