Another One

If you think I’m talking fire… well, yes.  My guys were out until 3 am, fighting fire in a steep and rocky canyon.  This time things went perfectly and they hit it hard and fast, and kept it to less … Continue reading

Red Dirt Shirts

I tried this earlier… on a tshirt for a friend, then on a canvas bag.  Remember those Dirt Bags? I wasn’t happy. So I had to try again. I went and bought just a men’s white tshirt. I threw some … Continue reading

Red Dirt Medium

Well, I was going to answer your good wishes one by one, but evidently GoDaddy and I are on different pages at the moment.  To each of you that sent well wishes, thank you!  It is just a head cold… … Continue reading


If you’ve been here any amount of time… You know I love Red Dirt! I named my book and my blog, Red Dirt In My Soul. But, not only is Red Dirt in my soul… it is also… in my … Continue reading