Eight Strand Gaucho Braid

I haven’t made a movie in a Very Long Time.  Since I just finished braiding my reins on our trip to Colorado, I decided to film that tutorial.  It’s one of the most difficult braids I’ve done because it’s is … Continue reading

Merry Late Christmas

I’m not necessarily known for being on time… unfortunately, that’s one of my failings… so, no surprise that Daniel’s Christmas present was only 2/3 complete that day… and then, if it was late, well… no rush, right? I know, I’m … Continue reading

Rein, Rain, Snow

Ugh. Wyoming. Really? You must not have received the message… but people in Wyoming are READY FOR SPRING! Yet, this was out my front window this morning… Oh, well… Time for a little creativity for Brandon…  He needed some new … Continue reading