Grand Prismatic Spring

There’s really no more colorful and large geothermal feature in Yellowstone prettier than the Grand Prismatic Spring.  When Vernon suggested our trip, I immediately said I wanted to go to the Grand!  It’s not far from Old Faithful… and I … Continue reading

Yellowstone Steam

I mean, really… you HAVE to check out the steam in Yellowstone whether it’s from geysers, fumaroles, or vents.  We didn’t go to the most famous… Old Faithful gets all the publicity, but we’ve “been there/done that”, and we wanted … Continue reading

Yellowstone Rocks

It does.  REALLY. Yellowstone rocks. Yellowstone rocks are fantastic. If you have the slightest interest in geology… Yellowstone is a great destination.  I mean, most of the time you’re wandering over a volcanic caldera measuring 34 x 45 miles.  That’s … Continue reading

Wordless Wednesday – “Grizz”

Grizzly … Continue reading

Yellowstone Trip

We blasted over to Yellowstone for the first time in a looooong time… and strangely enough, when you go… people ask about the animals you saw… NOT if you enjoyed Old Faithful! Here’s our tally: buffalo: tons! elk: nine antelope … Continue reading