Roadtrip: TexRenFest

Way too many pics to share about the Texas Renaissance Festival right now. Currently headed home to cooler weather! … Continue reading

Roadtrip: Pelicans

Yes, we have pelicans in Wyoming, but I sure enjoy watching all of them down here. … Continue reading

Roadtrip: Sea Glass

When we went sailing, I managed a bit of beachcombing… Looking for seashells for the grandkids and sea glass for myself.  I found many great whelks and was thrilled with my prizes.  I stuffed them in my treasure net and … Continue reading

Roadtrip: Day Off

Some days, even on vacation, you have to stop and clean house… And laundry.  And buy something to eat… We took off for Port Lavaca by way of Seadrift, a tiny community suffering from  the results of Hurricane Harvey.  We … Continue reading