Roadtrip: Sail Away!

Yeah, life is rough on the ICW. (Intercoastal Waterway) … Continue reading

Roadtrip: Fish On!

Finished up our time at the antique fair… Visited a meadery… Drove to the coast! Spent the day on the water with my sister, nephews, and their girlfriends… and caught that red fish my brother insisted I bring home to … Continue reading

Roadtrip: Antiques and More

Do you like vintage items? Antiques? Crafts? Furniture? Glassware, clothing, rugs, corbels, mantels, lights, paintings, skulls, turtle traps? Well, have I got the place for you! If you’ve never heard of Round Top, Texas, you’ve been missing out. ┬áRound Top, … Continue reading

Oh, Toto

I’m not in Wyoming any more… Ok, that doesn’t quite have the same ring to it, but it’s true. I’m in Fort Collins, COLORADO! ┬áMegan and Tess decided to give me my Christmas/birthday presents early by bringing me down to … Continue reading

Randomness and Cruisin’

Today seems to be one of those days… Randomness is everywhere… Including my photos for the day… Forgive the snapshot quality… Vernon was on *cruise*… Now really… this guy had to drive from Idaho clear to Dubois for a humongous … Continue reading