Solar Eclipse Time Lapse

Yes, once again, #tbt is cancelled.  I need to find more old photos! This is my time lapse video. It covers the entire eclipse, although I slowed it way down in the middle so you could actually SEE the eclipse.  … Continue reading

The Video: In Which I See Shadow Snakes

(Sorry… I’m watching the Horatio Hornblower series again… and my phrases are becoming very 18th Century…) So this is the video from my handheld camera which becomes painfully obvious quite quickly.  Totality has just struck, in my enthusiasm I’ve punched … Continue reading

What a Memory! (aka Total Solar Eclipse 2017)

Pull out the thesaurus and find some new, descriptive words. Stunning. Gorgeous. Fabulous. Awe-inspiring.  Breathtaking.  Wondrous.  Moving. It was all of those and many more. The 2017 Wyoming Version of the Total Solar Eclipse was GREAT. Oh, sure, there were  … Continue reading

Eclipse Preparations

Checklist for tomorrow… Cameras, tripods, water, chargers, eclipse glasses, solar filter, pinhole viewer, selfie cards, solar paper, water, food, schedule, hat, lawn chairs, shade, water, snacks, bubbles, white cardboard, water… I’ve double-checked the charge on my cameras, I’m taking three… … Continue reading

Wyoming Eclipse Weekend

It’s finally here! Wyoming is rolling out the red carpet for thousands of visitors for the solar eclipse on Monday.  Every town has “something” going on… We aren’t in the totality, but we’ve seen an increase in traffic!  Here, Ten … Continue reading