Quinlan’s Perspective

Today we shipped our steers. Normally, I’m in the scale house with Johnny, getting weights and counts… but today Megan served in that position… and I kept an eye on Quinlan and Lorelei. I even let Quinlan take some photos … Continue reading

Hot Work

June 20th.  It used to be THE DAY. DON’T PLAN ANYTHING, DON’T GO ANYWHERE. Cattle need to be off the BLM ground and we used to gather for days and days.  Now, we’ve changed things up a bit, pulling our … Continue reading


Today was payday.  The yearling steers we sold last week were shipped to the buyer today.  We are all there, plus our “rep” or salesman, the brand inspector, the vet, the truck drivers. We run them across our scales first, … Continue reading

Steer Trails

I seem to be rather random with no big story for you, so here’s random shots… This mule deer doe had twin fawns.  I rode by them in the badlands just after sunrise… The reservoir at Wire Corral is full … Continue reading

Steers Gathered

The day was long… saddled by 5 am, home at 2 pm.  The steers are gathered and will soon be sold. and that’s how it is in the Far Far West! … Continue reading