Colorful Metaphors

Angela… you made the comment the other day about preferring my “large projects” over crafting.  If you hang around long enough, you know I’ll switch modes… and having to empty my garage of a huge bag of insulation and 7 … Continue reading

Looking For Ideas

Not too much to report on for today… Cleaning… Cooking lunch for some relatives in town for a memorial service… Catching up on other household duties since I was gone for three days… Finally, I got a chance to head … Continue reading

Definitely A Blessing

The past three days, I’ve had a visitor. While I’ve had to dress up and work at the Ten Sleep Library, my visitor has donned work clothes, gloves, and air mask… and he’s shoveled out my chicken coop/studio! YAYYYYYYY! My … Continue reading

Studio Beginnings

Here’s the south facing wall of my studio/aka the old chickenhouse… The windows are covered in chicken wire… with traces of plastic sheeting left wafting in the breeze… The tiny picket door needs a latch to hold it closed… The … Continue reading

Project Studio

Here’s my new project… On the left is the log cabin section… On the right is a stick addition… It was last used as a chicken house… It is dirty. It is uninsulated. It is a dream. It overlooks the … Continue reading