#TBT: Deep Creek Photo

I thought I would share this photo from the Farmers Lumber calendar as well.  Deep Creek is a few miles away from here, but many of the people are well-known early settlers of the Ten Sleep area. … Continue reading

#TBT: Calendar Cowboys

In among collected old photos was this calendar from 1965.  The photo’s caption is “Roundup Crew on Nowood River – 1908”.  While not directly linked to us, there are many degrees of interest here. In 1908, the Greets were still … Continue reading

#TBT: Long Gone

Today’s #tbt picture is from the 1980’s… The thing that stood out to me besides the neighbor’s Hereford cattle, was the barn.  This barn now is nothing but a few bottom boards.  It slowly collapsed in over the years, weighed … Continue reading

#TBT: Dog Family

A look back to 2007.  That’s a very young looking Lucas, sweet, dear, Elsa… and puppy Dally enjoying a winter walk. … Continue reading

#TBT: A Team

When I first arrived at the ranch, oh, a Loooooong Time Ago… We used a team to feed cows in the winter.  During the summer, they lived a life of leisure. But one time, someone arranged a Team Pulling Contest … Continue reading