#TBT : The Hunt

If you’re not a fan of hunting… leave quickly. I know many of you just love the old ranch photos I post for #tbt.  I do too. I also sometimes feel that the Greet side of my family gets all … Continue reading

#TBT : Romantic Ride Along

This couple are having a romantic ride along.  Can anyone guess what piece of equipment they’re using?  Taken in the field between Daniel and Johnny’s houses. … Continue reading

#TBT: Breaking a Bronc

The comment is “breaking bronc. Fred driving, Dad (Frank) with switch to keep bronc from lagging” Details in the photo:   The Barn is there, along with the original Joe Henry cabin.  The white clapboard house addition has not been … Continue reading

#TBT : Comparison

After the work is done, payment comes in a good lunch! Not much has changed… … Continue reading

#TBT: Dusty Corral

This shot from the 1930’s shows a dusty corral and a head catch.  The calves are little, and one guy might be holding a calf… at least that’s the position you take at branding to hold a calf.  I’m not … Continue reading