#TBT – Indian Dress

So many of you liked my cradleboard I made, I thought I’d share my Indian dress I also made back in the day. It now hangs on the wall in my Indian room. A neighbor helped me with the design … Continue reading

#TBT: Burton Girls

Looking back even farther than last week… I must have been in college!? Unbelievably, in a week, my mom will have been gone for nine years… but she made me laugh the other day! I can still hear her voice! … Continue reading

#TBT: Cradleboard

I made a cradleboard for Victoria, oh, so many years ago! By looking at this photo… she wasn’t the only one that looked so very, very young! … Continue reading

#TBT: Book Discussion

Well, this doesn’t really qualify… but I’m leading a book discussion on January 15. The book is First White Woman in the Big Horn Basin by Paul Frison. Imagine being a lady’s maid in 1883, traveling to the Far Western … Continue reading

#TBT : High Waters

My sister shared this with me today… Who’s that little cowgirl with THE MOST AWESOME RED COWBOY HAT? Hey, I like hats… but I must say, I prefer my custom hat from Greeley Hat Works MUCH BETTER than that red … Continue reading