I had help in my beeyard today!  A friend wanted to learn about top bar hives.  I shifted into “Teacher Mode” and explained everything as best I could.  Not only is this a great honeycomb, but I love that I … Continue reading

Bee Break

Another day of babysitting, letting Megan ride once again. I cooked the cowboys lunch, and I do believe they were happy it was “just” half a day of riding today!  They’ve been going and going… of course, not that they … Continue reading

Bee Friends

I was supposed to help ride today… It’s time to kick the cows out onto pasture!  But… some-bee-dy interfered!  I *had* to finish my beehive I started making because I bought TWO, yes, two packages of bees last night.  I … Continue reading

Top Bar Hive Refurbished

My new bees will be coming Thursday (maybe… a blizzard is predicted for tomorrow, so we’ll see if that slows him down).  Newbees, happy dance!  Newbies!  La la la… So, I’m refurbishing Messopotamia, my secondhand top bar hive… and since … Continue reading

Beeswax Rocks (How to process combs into wax)

I ended up babysitting last night… and I knew I was supposed to… so why didn’t I post before??? I don’t know.  But when I got home at 2:30 am… there was just NO WAY I was posting!  I was … Continue reading