Pairing This is how it’s done on the Greet Ranch. We pair momma cows and their babies everywhere we go… If they lose each other, they will return to the last place they saw each other… and if that’s in … Continue reading

Spring Elk Herd

Once again, I was happy for the long zoom of my little camera!  We stopped to let them pass across the road… … Continue reading

Bale Feeder Version 2

After building our first bale feeder a couple of years ago, the guys immediately started planning version two!  Here it is… … Continue reading

Sage Chickens

One of the signs of spring here in Wyoming, is the strutting of sage chickens.  When we first moved to Wyoming, I remember my dad waking me up before daylight, and driving miles out of Casper to a strutting ground, … Continue reading

A Calf Is Born

This video covers one of heifers, number 660, and the process of having her calf.  We noticed her standing off from the herd, holding her tail out in a kinked position… an almost sure sign that labor pains have started. … Continue reading