A Little Wet

We will be weaning tomorrow… and in preparation, we water down the corrals.  Dust can be your enemy when calves, already stressed from leaving their mothers, breathe all that dust into their lungs.  They can easily get sick… and, possibly, … Continue reading

The Sky Doesn’t Fit In My Camera Lens

Predicted rain showers and cool winds.  Nevertheless, we decided to wean our small bunch of calves, so the boys and I saddled our horses, and Johnny and Vernon loaded their four wheelers into a different horse trailer, and we were … Continue reading


So the baby calves are weaned, but there’s a few things we do… We run them through the alley and chute, vaccinating them, worming them, and giving them a shot of minerals to help them along. The plan was for … Continue reading

Wean Flaps

The last quarter of our herd was preg tested today.  So was Brandon’s little bunch and a neighbor’s.  I got there just as they were finishing up with Brandon’s… and good timing too, since he is trying something I’ve been … Continue reading

Minute Movie: Gathering the Mountain Pasture

Computer freezing… too cloudy to see the eclipse… rain missed us… kinda one of those “ugh” nights… Not the one I wanted, but it was ready to go… here’s the Minute Movie from a couple of weeks ago… gathering the … Continue reading