The sunshine met us early this morning. This jaunt revealed no elk this time around… although I heard one way off in the distance… and at one point their musky odor surrounded me… I continued through my favorite aspen patch… … Continue reading

Grass and Weaning

Well, I didn’t ride today, I decided to go back to bed!  After waking up two hours later, I teamed up with my sister-and-brother-in-law.  We drove up the mountain just to have lunch with the guys!  We had perfect timing, … Continue reading


Morning found us headed up the mountain to wean calves. The guys had left their horses up yesterday… I was afoot. We headed them all towards the corral… c’mon, girls! Before we knew it, the trucks arrived… and we hustled … Continue reading


We decided to wean our last little group today… but Panama has sliced himself open with a wire cut… and I’m trying to get something finished here by Friday… so I stayed behind for most of the day! I did … Continue reading

Sad and Tired

What do you get when you wake up at 4:30 am, get dressed, down some coffee, attempt some breakfast, saddle your horse, drive up the mountain for an hour, sort off calves from their mommas, and wait for the semis … Continue reading