Rain, Rain… So Far

Once again, there were those Best Laid Plans… Today was supposed to be spent gathering a pasture, moving the cows and calves to another one in preparation for branding on Saturday.  We’ve been watching the weather reports constantly increasing the … Continue reading

Cold Morning Calf

While spring tries to stand firmly, upright, hands on hips, in that defiant Peter Pan pose… Winter keeps blowing her down with late snow storms and gusty winds.  We are caught up in this bipolar condition… but, of course, not … Continue reading

So, So, So

Oh, heavens!  You guys made my day leaving all those wonderful comments and stories for me to read!  I wish you would leave comments like that all the time… sometimes it feels kind of lonely here… but yesterday!  What a … Continue reading


A few days ago, Winter was still snuggled happily in her blanket of snow.  Buried in white, nestled along hills and creek sides, joyfully providing shades of blue and grey on top of her glaring brilliance. Today, Winter’s rude little … Continue reading


One of those days where plans go awry… We were headed to Cody for scheduled car repairs, but a winter storm blew in, so we made it as far as Worland!  We made the loop of “fun” places to go… … Continue reading