#TBT: Snow Cowboy

I took this photo a few years ago.  I was reminded of it as the snow poured down with this latest storm.  I watched as it sifted down six or seven inches in Ten Sleep, while I worked, warm and … Continue reading

Big Snow

This photo makes it look like my windmill is entirely buried.  It isn’t.  We did have 8″ though!  Lots of cow work happening today in the neighborhood, but I’m headed to the warm library. … Continue reading

Rain Ridge

Holy buckets. More rain. More work. A puzzle to make up for Wednesday! Rain Ridge Puzzle … Continue reading


28 pints of salsa later (plus 3 pints of tomato sauce)… I’m done. Except for all those tomatoes on the vine under the big blue tarp… ugh.  I’m almost to the point of letting the frost take them… but I … Continue reading

Enter Freeze Warnings

Blessed by rain… And now enter the cold front and freeze warnings!  There is snow on the mountain. My tomatoes are covered, the ripe ones harvested… My windows are steamed from the heat of my salsa making endeavours. My Black … Continue reading