Signs That you May Be in Wyoming

Along with my zillion photos of the Tetons, Jackson, and Idaho that I shared with you last week… I took some photos of signs that you may not see in your daily commute. This one… along with a “snowmobiler”… “cattle … Continue reading


After the long day of riding last week… the weather turned on us… even colder and nastier than before. So… we flew to town to get building supplies for our various projects one day… Vernon took his “new” snowmobile up … Continue reading

Mother Nature… Saboteur… Artist

Mother Nature’s snowstorm has taken over Wyoming and she needs to let go! She has continued to throw cold air and/or snow at us since the first of October… Her mood is slowly supposed to improve this week… arriving back … Continue reading

Library and Ambulance Benefit

Just in case there is an interest out there in Blogland… Annually, Ten Sleep has held a fundraiser for the Ten Sleep Library and Ten Sleep Ambulance while all the deer hunters are in town. Ten Sleep easily doubles in … Continue reading

Fairweather Cowboy… Or Not… Fine Details

Sometimes I am reminded there are various undisclosed subsections that evidently lay in my marriage contract. My husband knew about them. I did not. Since *he* knew… and is laughing while I suffer the consequences… I usually throw something at … Continue reading